Four-Part Harmony meets Heavy Metal*

Bergbau Museum Bochum – Germany’s largest mining museum

I’m an Ami expat living in Bochum who enjoys singing shapenote hymns from an old hymnal called the Sacred Harp. In this case, the “harp” is the human voice, and I miss getting together with like-minded folks who also enjoy four-part a cappella singing in this style.

Okay, you say, but these are Christian hymns and I’m not a Christian. That’s not a problem. Check out some of the samples that are linked from the home page here. If the style and the sound appeal to you, let me know anyway. You don’t have to be religious to sing these hymns. No one will try to convert you or preach to you. We leave our doctrines at the door. If you are religiously inclined, that’s fine too. Sacred Harp singers respect each other’s spiritual “space” and just enjoy the sound.

This type of singing is not performance-driven. Amateurs and professionals alike can participate. The key word here is “participate”. Sacred Harp is meant to be sung and enjoyed by singers. Listeners are welcome, but my main purpose here is to form a group, not to perform for an audience. I don’t have a time or a place to meet yet, but if you are interested, you can contact me at alosaf1 (at) gmail (dot) com, and we can start making arrangements to meet and sing.

Henrichshutte Steel Works, Hattingen

*The “heavy metal” in the page title is a nod to Bochum’s heritage as a center of the coal and steel industries, though Sacred Harp Singing has been referred to as “a cappella heavy metal

Jahrhunderthalle Bochum – Bochum’s “Century Hall” Foundry


1 Response to Four-Part Harmony meets Heavy Metal*

  1. Hamburg says:

    Hello everyone, we have made a few changes to our Sacred Harp Hamburg website. Most of this has been done with a view to providing information about the First Germany Convention in May. If anyone wants to register for the convention, please use the registration form at the site.

    The site is a work-in-progress and we will be adding more information as time progresses. With this in mind, constructive comments, wishes and donations of any kind are more than welcome. We are aware of the fact that we did not give you much time to plan for this one but we hope some of you will be able to make it over anyway.


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